YouTube Promotion/Monetization

Youtube promotion in Ghana

For a period of time now, a lot of artists, models, individuals have been struggling with promoting their youtube videos, promoting their youtube channel, promoting their contents on youtube and also monetizing their youtube channel. This has made a lot of of people either back out of lost their dreams of owning a succesful Youtube channel. this is what we at Tune Promo has to offer when it comes to promoting your your youtube channel.

YouTube Promotion:

With over 50,000 active viewers on our pages, over 500,000 members on our social media platforms, over 10 active websites and blogs, and with own algorithm and pattern, we deliver quality Youtube views as many as you want for a token you can view some of our prices below.

YOUTUBE  VIEWS: 100Cedis = 1k VIEWS  450Cedis = 5k VIEWS 800Cedis = 10k VIEWS  1,200.Cedis = 20k VIEWS  1,600Cedis = 50k VIEWS ETC.
This prices are negotiable

YouTube Monetization:

As most of you might be aware, before you can make money from your YouTube, you must have a specific watch time, specific numbers of subcribers. Most artist find this hard to get and for this season we offer you a package that will put your YouTube channel in front of over 50,000 people daily and in no time, you will get your desired amount of subcribers.
Below is the price list for this package.

YOUTUBE SUBSCRIBERS: 100 sub = 120Cedis,  650.Cedis = 1k SUBSCRIBERS,  800.Cedis = 1.5k SUBSCRIBERS  etc  
These prices are Negotiable

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