Queen Haizel Manager breaks silence on her death; gives full details

The news of the fast rising star Queen Haizel still sounds like a mare rumour but it seems

And according to reports, Queen Haizel died on the dawn of Tuesday, 16th June 2020.

It is still not established with regards to what led to her untimely and sudden death or how it all began.

In the wake of Queen Haizel’s shocking death, the management team of the late artist has broken silence about her death and what they know in relation.

The management team lead by Majesty Destiny reacted to reports suggesting his artiste is dead.

In Queen Haizel’s manager’s report on the death of his artist, he revealed that it has been two days since a family member or a relative have set eyes on the singer.

He added that he had a chat with Queen Haizel the previous night, so as it stands he cannot confirm as to whether his artiste is dead or not. and as at now we can neither affirm
or deny if the artist is truly death or this is just a mare rumour going viral on social media or maybe just for hype.