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For a period of time now, i’ve been getting questions like Sasy how can one upload his or her music to all degital stores from Ghana with little fee? how to distribute your music to itunes, spotify, deezer, etc. and today i have some good news to all upcoming artist both in Ghana and nigeria as we launch Tune Promo

are you trying to distribute yor music to all music stores? well we got you covered right here, Tune promo is a music distribution and entertainment site dedicated to helping all up coming artist and already made artist distribute thier songs on digital stores worldwide.

Why use Tune Promo to distribute your music ?

There are a lot of music distribution website and agencies in Ghana, but i have come to study all of them and find out that all lack one thing or the other in the industry and that’s what most artist wants whne it comes to their music. what is that? 100% control of their revenue, most artist wants to manage their income and all their sales, but most of these music distribution stores and agencies do not offer that.

We at Tune Promo have found a way to help artist upload their music on digital stores while they control 100% of their revenue.

Tune promo ghana
music distribution and marketing in Ghana

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