Black Out Tuesday

The past few weeks has been a hectic ones for the world and too much pressure on social media following the death of black citizen in USA Judge floyd which led to the greatest race war of all since the down of the 21st century.

The video of Judeg Floyd being held down by a police officer till he gave up to ghost was first seen on social media and quickly spread all over the world. the attracted a lot of celebrities, activist, and politicians to stand up against the police brutality and the worst of it all it spark violence in mnay part of the world.

The few days has seen a lot of looting, rampage, violence and protest in many part of the world especially USA. although on my part i don’t think enough is been done to calm the situationas more blacks been maltreated are reported everyday.

Today being tuesday, Celebrities both international and local from the likes of Rihanna, Snopp Dog, J zay, etc and a large number of people have taken to their social media to showcase whatv they refer to as BlackOutTuesday where they basically post a picture of total darkness. this is but one of the many way for blacks all over the world to raise their voices against their oppressor.


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